Let's Get Down To Business!

Where is the growth? It is in Baldwin County, Alabama. According to the U.S. Census: Foley has grown 43% since 2010; in 2020 Baldwin County was listed as the 11th fastest growing MSA in the U.S.; Baldwin County is consistently ranked as the fastest-growing county in Alabama; Baldwin County is projected to remain one of the fastest-growing MSAs in the U.S; and in 2020 Baldwin County become the 4th largest county in Alabama.  According to Stats America - Baldwin County ranks in the top 3% of 3,221 counties for net incoming domestic migration. Baldwin County ranks 10th of 203 small U.S. metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) in the overall ranking for Best Small Places for Business and Careers - source Forbes.  

Class A Office Space

Downtown Foley is the perfect location for your business needs.  45 minutes from Mobile and 30 minutes to Pensacola and is nestled right at the intersection of two major thoroughfares:  Hwy 98 and Hwy 59.  

There is a variety of air travel options available for the businessman.  The Foley Municipal Airport is a full-service FBO providing services which include maintenance, aircraft rentals and car rentals.  Foley has a 3700 x 75′ North (18) – South (36) asphalt runway. Fuel (100LL) and tie downs are available. If there is need for a larger runway, Fairhope Airport is 30 minutes away with a 6,600 x 100 ft runway. Their full length taxiway can accommodate aircraft from Cessnas to large corporate jets.  The Mobile International and the Pensacola International Airports are both and hour away. 

Industries & Services are already finding Foley the place to expand.  Collins Aerospace continues to grow on the outskirts of downtown.  South Baldwin Regional Medical Center located in Foley began construction on their $170 million-dollar major expansion and renovation to advance medical services for the growing population of Baldwin County and greater coastal Alabama. The expansion will be completed in 2025

Retail and Dining

Estimates of retail and food and drink category sales transacted by businesses in the drive times can be helpful to assessing market potential. The sheer volume of sales estimated for the Downtown Foley drive times are indicative of an area that has already achieved “retail hub” status.

In the 2022 Envision Downtown Foley Report: To capture a snapshot of an area's retail market performance, estimates of sales by business (supply) are compared to estimates of consumer spending (potential sales or demand) from households in the same area. The difference between estimated actual sales (supply) and potential sales (demand) is expressed as surplus or leakage. For the downtown Foley Drive times, the overall comparison shows businesses, collectively, are capturing sales far in excess of what households in the same areas would be expected to spend, with resulting sales surplus estimates ranging from more than $160 million in the five-minute drive time area to nearly $534 million in the twenty-minute drive time area.


Information compiled and summarized in a Market Snapshot document prepared as a precursor to the 2022 Envision Downtown Foley planning effort highlights key demographic, lifestyle, and retail traits characterizing Downtown Foley’s local and regional markets. Some key indicators of market potential, as captured for the five, ten and twenty-minute drive time areas, show or anticipate: ⎯ Continued growth in population and households at rates generally five to seven times higher than those projected for the state of Alabama. ⎯ The largest increase in daytime population (26.7%) occurs within the five-minute drive time area. ⎯ Overall, retail and food service establishments in the drive time areas are effectively “pulling” sales from consumers living outside the area, a likely reflection of the seasonal resident and visitor markets’ impacts.

44% of THE 2022 Market Survey takers said they would consider or would be interested in living in Downtown Foley.