Foley Main Street looking for Bike Rack Artists

Last Updated 3/26/2024

Adding a bit of flair in Downtown Foley


The Foley Main Street Community Foundation, acting as the coordinating agent for the Foley Main Street Board of Directors, the City of Foley Beautification Committee, the Foley Historic Commission, and the Foley Art Center, publishes this Request for Proposals (RFP) to design, fabricate, deliver, and install artistic (sculptural) bicycle racks for Downtown Foley.

Acknowledging the popularity of bicycling, and the need for safe and secure bicycle parking in Downtown Foley, the Foley Main Street Foundation invites professional and amateur artists of all backgrounds to participate.

In keeping with the best practices for bicycle rack design and functionality as defined in the Association of Pedestrian & Bicycle Professional (APBP) Bicycle Parking Guidelines (http:/// and City of Foley standards, artists should be aware of the following guidelines for bicycle rack designs:
●      Must accommodate a minimum of two (2) bicycles, each with two points of contact to minimize wheel bending, with spacing of a minimum of 2.5 ft. and a maximum of 3.5 ft.
●      Must allow for easy use when locking bicycles with a “U lock” connecting the frame and at least one wheel to the rack.
●      Must be constructed of durable materials able to withstand permanent exposure to elements, and wear from bicycles and locks, and a material that will not cause damage to the bikes.
●      In addition, all bicycle rack designs must adhere to city code regulation regarding sidewalk obstruction (including placing any property, material, or other item upon any public sidewalk) that require at least five (5) feet of contiguous sidewalk width that is always kept clear for pedestrian passage.
●      The City of Foley will aid the artist in the installation of all racks per the artist specifications. Contact points (to the ground) must be secured by no less than two connecting points with 4” anchor bolts or be preferably inground mounted. Final rack placement will be determined by the City of Foley according to the design, size, and appropriateness to the site in Downtown Foley.
●      For information on Downtown Foley, please go to the Foley Main Street website at

BUDGET – The Foundation has $20,000.00 to be used with this project, not to exceed $4,000 for each bicycle rack design, fabrication, delivery and help in installation.

TIMELINE – Project timeline is as follows:
Artist’s Proposals Due:       April 30, 2024
Selection of Finalists:         May 2, 2024
Commissions Awarded      May 3, 2024
Fabrication                        May 3 – October 12, 2024
Delivery and Installation     October  14-18,  2024
Dedication Ceremony         TBA


 Selection of material shall be at the artist’s discretion and may include but is limited to metal (bronze, iron, steel, etc.) or a combination of materials. Aluminum may not be used. The material selected must be easily maintainable and appropriate for an outdoor setting. Racks need to accommodate fat tire bikes as well as standard road bikes. Finish needs to hold up under regular use; racks must be sturdy and removable. Must be constructed of durable materials able to withstand permanent exposure to elements, particularly rain and heat; wear from bicycles and locks and be of a material that will not cause damage to the bikes.

While the thematic elements of the bicycle racks shall be determined by the artist, the content can be designed reflecting Foley’s history, the eclectic nature of Downtown Foley, and its strong support of the visual and musical arts. There are six locations that have been identified for these bike racks. Please see photos of locations below.  These locations are in order of importance if your budgeting covers less than six.

1.    Pedestrian bridge – parking lot side
2.    Holmes Medical Museum, West Laurel Ave.
3.    Pine Street Park
4.    Cat Alley Walkway
5.    Drowsy Poet Corner
6.    East side of Heritage Park

Pictures of location furnished on request.
Artists responding to this Request for Proposals will need to submit:
●      Detailed description of artist’s proposal for the bicycle racks, including an image of each location idea (sketch, rendering or digital rendering) illustrating your proposed work.
●      Images of past work.
●      Artist’s biographical material, including resume and awards received.
●      Explanation of fabrication.
●      Include care and installation description.
●      Samples of commissions that relate to this project.
●      Copy of Liability Insurance will be required before the project is started.

Additionally, please provide a firm budget figure, not to exceed $ 2,000 to $4,000 per bicycle rack, for the project inclusive of all elements, given the proposed steps and the scope of the project. The total fee should be broken down into the steps of design, fabrication, and installation.
Submit materials no later than 5 pm on Tuesday, April 30, 2024 to:
Foley Main Street Community Foundation
[email protected]
Attention: Darrelyn Dunmore

If you have any questions, contact Darrelyn Dunmore at the above contact information or  251-270-0089

Finalists shall be selected based solely on the information provided in the initial submission. Upon selection as a finalist, artists may be invited to an interview with the committee. The selection of finalists will be based on review of budget, qualifications, and project details as stated in the proposal, and follow-up interviews may be scheduled  Wednesday May 14th through Friday May 17, 2024. The artist selected will be bound by a contract with Foley Main Street Community Foundation.  The Foley Main Street Foundation may work with an artist to finalize any design concept and may alter colors if deemed necessary for historical purposes, durability and longevity.

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